Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Open Letter to the International Whaling Commission

Dr. Simon Brockington
The International Whaling Commission
The Red House,
135 Station Road,
Cambridgeshire CB24 9NP, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 233 971
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 232 876

Dear Dr. Brockingon,

As the dates of the 63rd meeting of the International Whaling Commission approach, July 4-14, 2011, in the Channel Islands, we are writing to urge the IWC to take strong and decisive action to fully protect whales AND dolphins.

The slaughter of whales and dolphins for commercial, scientific or cultural purposes is inhumane and highly inconsistent with worldwide efforts to protect our planet’s oceans.  Numerous reports have proven that whale meat is highly toxic with mercury.  Furthermore, the March 11 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan resulted in radioactive water being dumped into the sea.  According to a June 15 article published by the Associated Press, two Minke whales caught off of the coast of Japan were found to have traces of radioactive cesium.  In the interest of public health, it is time to end the international consumption of whale and dolphin meat.

Following the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling, the IWC has issued Japan, Norway and Iceland permits for scientific whaling.  We strongly question the merits of this practice.  Credible researchers around the world have managed to find ways to study whales without the use of lethal methodologies.  Additionally, the fact that the whale meat from the alleged “research” is sold commercially further underscores the need to end research whaling.  According to Darren Kindleysides of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, “Japan’s 20 years of “scientific whaling” has delivered thousands of dead whales and next to no useful knowledge of the whales they “study”. The meat is packaged and sold in the fish markets in Japan. This has more to do with sushi than science.”

Looking ahead to your upcoming meeting, we also note the questionable history of the government of Japan with regards to buying votes from international delegates to support the Japanese whaling agenda.  The June 13, 2010 Sunday Times investigative article, “Flights, girls and cash buy Japan Whaling votes” uncovered a wealth of improprieties conducted by representatives of the Japanese delegation.  We request that investigations be undertaken and that appropriate and harsh sanctions be levied against the guilty parties.  Such behavior simply should NOT be allowed within the confines of an international regulatory body.

Having observed the annual Taiji dolphin drive hunt from September 1, 2010 to the close of the season in March 2011, we furthermore call on the IWC to afford much needed protections to dolphins.  The drive fishery method employed by the Taiji Fisheries Union is among the most cruel practices known to mankind.  Like whales, dolphins are intelligent beings.  They live in pods and nurse their young.  We have witnessed pods of dolphins herded into the cove and then slowly and painfully slaughtered over the course of many hours.  Calves swim in the blood of their mothers and fathers.  This nightmare simply must end.

We call on the members of the 63rd International Whaling Commission to fully PROTECT all whales and dolphins.  The time to END whaling and dolphin hunting on planet Earth is NOW.


  1. Excellent article..will tweet and post to my wall on fb..this simply must end!

  2. Great job....I Believe!!!!

  3. This article hits all the important facts on why it is important to enforce a moratorium on dolphin & whale hunting for consumption or research. Thanks for an excellent letter. Posting, tweeting and sending. Cheryl/aka Muffyjo on the web

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